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A Bit About Me


I'm an Assistant Professor in the School Computing and of Information Systems, at Singapore Management University. The specific themes of my research interests are:

(a) Mobile and wearable computing

(b) Human Cognition, memory, and memorability

(c) Mobility-driven smart urban services

My recent research efforts focus on leveraging mainstream wearable devices (e.g., smart glasses and in-ear earbuds) for fine-grained and individualized monitoring of human cognitive states, such as confusion and boredom, and modelling core cognitive skills, such as working memory and attention while carrying out lifestyle activities (such as interacting with people, watching videos, online learning).

Research Grants

  • Understanding Temporal Dynamics of Core Cognitive Functions for Individualised Learning, Ministry of Education (MOE) Tier 1, PI (Project Level): Thivya KANDAPPU, 2023, S$123,755

  • BeyondTravel: a Multimodal Travel Records Analytics Framework, Academic Research Fund
    (AcRF) Tier 2, Ministry of Education (MOE), PI (Project Level): ZHENG Baihua, Co-PI
    (Project Level): Thivya KANDAPPU, 2020, S$544,872


  • Detection and Obfuscation of Privacy Sensitive Artefacts in Visual Life-logs Used for
    Memory Enhancement, A*STAR Career Development Award, PI (Project Level):
    Vigneshwaran Subbaraju, Collaborator: Thivya Kandappu, 2020, $599,400


  • Context-aware Privacy Protection in Augmented Memory & Reality Applications, Ministry of Education (MOE) Tier 1, PI (Project Level): Thivya KANDAPPU, 2019, S$91,200




I'm looking for motivated graduate students (with a background in Electronics/Computer Science) to broadly work in the area of mobile and wearable computing. Drop me an email if interested!
More details on the SMU PhD Graduate Program (fully funded) can be found


BodySys 2023 [June 23]

We are hosting BodySys 2023 (colocated with ACM MobiSys 2023) in Finland. Consider submitting your work broadly related to the area of body-centric computing systems (Deadline April 14).


Wrist Sense 2023 [March 23]

We're attending WristSense 2023 (colocated with IEEE Percom 2023) to present on our paper on early findings on cognitive state monitoring using wearable devices.

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